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Little Natural Bridge 3:00pm

Little Natural Brdige


Beginning at Rancho Amistad, we will ride through the countryside until we arrive at Wariruri beach. We will pass through a variety of sceneries along the journey, including cacti and the traditional Watapana and Dividivi trees seen in Aruba. We’re hoping to observe a variety of wildlife, including iguanas, lizards, and Aruba’s Kinikini and Trupial birds. You can take pictures in a natural setting with the breeze of the sea as we approach the seashores and arrive at a stunning Natural Bridge. Without endangering it, we want the visitor to appreciate and feel a connection to nature.
Destination: Wariruri Beach
Departure: Rancho Amistad
Departure Time: 3PM
Return Time: 5PM
Included: Water bottle